Saturday, February 7, 2015

Drinking Game Drinking Game

 Finally, a drinking game to play while your friends are arguing over the rules of a new drinking game:

  • The drinking game is about a TV show. (+1 drink if it's an HBO or Showtime series)
  • You come up with a rule, even though you haven't seen said show.
  • Anyone says, "That's a good one."
  • A dude jokes, "Can I still drink for fun??"
  • More than three people laugh at that.
  • Someone tries to completely change what the drinking game is about, half way through.
  • Someone laughs way too hard at their own suggestion.
  • Someone says, "We should write this down!"
  • Some poor sap actually does.
  • One person gets WAY too giddy about the whole thing.
  • The drinking game is about an awards show. (+2 drinks if it's the Oscars or Emmys)
  • Someone annoyingly starts enforcing the rules while you're still determining the rules.
  • A person interjects, "Oh, how about this, how about this-"
  • Someone introduces a rule that would happen FAR too often.
  • You see someone yawn.
  • Someone states a rule that someone already said.
  • Everyone gets sidetracked for a bit, but someone brings back up the drinking game, and you kinda wish they didn't.
  • Someone says, "Dude, [insert name] is good at this!"
  • You hit a lull with new rules.
  • The drinking game is about sports. (+1 shot if it's a championship game)
  • Anyone says, "We're gonna get SO drunk!"
  • Someone leaves while you're still coming up with rules.
  • Someone introduces a rule that will never happen, for the sake of a humorous joke.
  • Someone gives up and starts googling drinking games that already exist.

  • You inevitably give up on the drinking game a few minutes in.

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