Monday, May 31, 2010

Stigler's (or somebody's) Law of Eponymy:

Give credit where credit is due, goes the expression, but in this week's words the credit is misplaced. Each of these words is coined after the wrong person.

It's not always easy to assign credit, however, as the contention on the naming of diseases shows.

There's even a law about misplaced credits. Stigler's law of eponymy says, "No scientific discovery is named after its original discoverer." Stigler credits this law to sociologist Robert K. Merton (thus making the law self-referential).

Thanks again, Pheas!   - and I'm taking the credit for this blog, even though you are doing a lot of the work!  LOL!

Friday, May 28, 2010

Controversial controversy on Facebook

Martha G. and Alex F.  commented on Martha G's status.
How do you feel about being controversial? Just wondering.
Yesterday at 11:40am · · Like

Paul C.
I don't mind it if it's for the right reasons :)
Tuesday at 10:12pm
Kathy S.C.
usually if you are controversial it is because people do not agree with you.....otherwise you are popular!
Tuesday at 10:15pm
Michelle O.
Is it controversial to fight for what is right? If son then I guess I'm controversial.
Tuesday at 10:22pm

Jim G.
So all this time that people have been saying that I'm a pain in the *** because of my stands, I've really been controversial. Sounds good to me.
Tuesday at 10:33pm

Ann S.
Not usually my thing.
Wednesday at 3:39am
Anne C.
If you find yourself in the majority ----- RUN!
Wednesday at 5:13am

Frank M.
I try not to be controversial too much. Of course after last night's coaching call, I probably should be a little : )
Wednesday at 8:52am
Martha G.
That's what prompted this status update Frank!
Wednesday at 10:57am
Bamby R. C.
Not my thing either......I like harmony!
Wednesday at 1:52pm
Alex F.
Jesus was controversial....
Wednesday at 7:55pm

Christopher S.
It simply works, just don't get mean about it. Not my thing either.
Wednesday at 8:50pm

Martha G.
So glad to see all these comments! I think if you are authentic and true to yourself, that's what ultimately matters. A little controversy goes a long way in my book. I'm not really fond of it but don't necessarily shrink from it either :)
Yesterday at 11:40am
Alice Ann F.
Just look at this controversy you've stirred up!
40 minutes ago · 
Martha G.
hahaha A controversy about controversy!
39 minutes ago
Alice Ann F.
And, you just made my blog! Thanks!
4 seconds ago ·

Monday, May 17, 2010

A Freudian slip...

My coworker just got back from Vegas.  We asked her if she saw any shows, and she said just a magician.

"Who was it?" and she was trying to remember...

"Well, it wasn't Sigmund and Freud..."

Saturday, May 15, 2010

From the mouths of...

When my 16 year old daughter was about 5, she came running breathlessly up to me and her dad, "Mom, Dad, Hal (her brother) called me a Tattletale!" [hmmm...] - Carol Woodward King