Friday, May 28, 2010

Controversial controversy on Facebook

Martha G. and Alex F.  commented on Martha G's status.
How do you feel about being controversial? Just wondering.
Yesterday at 11:40am · · Like

Paul C.
I don't mind it if it's for the right reasons :)
Tuesday at 10:12pm
Kathy S.C.
usually if you are controversial it is because people do not agree with you.....otherwise you are popular!
Tuesday at 10:15pm
Michelle O.
Is it controversial to fight for what is right? If son then I guess I'm controversial.
Tuesday at 10:22pm

Jim G.
So all this time that people have been saying that I'm a pain in the *** because of my stands, I've really been controversial. Sounds good to me.
Tuesday at 10:33pm

Ann S.
Not usually my thing.
Wednesday at 3:39am
Anne C.
If you find yourself in the majority ----- RUN!
Wednesday at 5:13am

Frank M.
I try not to be controversial too much. Of course after last night's coaching call, I probably should be a little : )
Wednesday at 8:52am
Martha G.
That's what prompted this status update Frank!
Wednesday at 10:57am
Bamby R. C.
Not my thing either......I like harmony!
Wednesday at 1:52pm
Alex F.
Jesus was controversial....
Wednesday at 7:55pm

Christopher S.
It simply works, just don't get mean about it. Not my thing either.
Wednesday at 8:50pm

Martha G.
So glad to see all these comments! I think if you are authentic and true to yourself, that's what ultimately matters. A little controversy goes a long way in my book. I'm not really fond of it but don't necessarily shrink from it either :)
Yesterday at 11:40am
Alice Ann F.
Just look at this controversy you've stirred up!
40 minutes ago · 
Martha G.
hahaha A controversy about controversy!
39 minutes ago
Alice Ann F.
And, you just made my blog! Thanks!
4 seconds ago ·

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