Monday, December 6, 2010

Exactonyms...a rose by any other?

Really precise aptonyms / aptronyms? (Thanks, Vanya)

Synonyms and / or related concepts include aptronym, apronym, aptonym, jobonymns, namephreaks, onomastic determinism, perfect fit last names (PFLNs), psychonymics, and classically nomen est omen or όνομα ορίζοντας. ND researchers are comiconomenclaturists.

A key related word is aptronym, allegedly coined by United States newspaper columnist Franklin P. Adams, meaning a name aptly suited to its owner. The distinction is subtle but fundamental: as post-hoc vs propter-hoc, so aptronym versus nominative determinism.

A glove? (It fits like ...)
  • Reggie Corner, cornerback for the Buffalo Bills
  • Cantor Dan Singer
  • Larry Goodpaster, former United Methodist Church pastor, now a bishop
  • Dr. John Docter, M.D., Vanderbilt surgery resident (thanks, Jim)
  • Igor Judge, Lord Chief Justice of England and Wales
  • Mort Kunstler, American painter, whose name in German directly translates as "artist"
  •  Willie Thrower, former NFL quarterback; first African-American quarterback in NFL during modern era (post WWII)
  • Marilyn vos Savant, a columnist famous for her extremely high IQ and penchant for puzzle solving
  • Ima Assman proctologist
  •  Mike Spinner, BMX freestyle rider famous for his spin tricks.
  • Reg Empey, member of the Northern Ireland Assembly for East Belfast; his job is equivalent to the role of "MP".
  • John Tory, former leader of the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party. In Canada, the members of the federal Conservative Party of Canada and the provincial Progressive Conservative parties are known as Tories.
  • Stephen Rowbotham, Olympic rower for the GB team.
  • Chris Moneymaker, Makes millions of dollars playing poker around the world
  • Jim Webber, noted academic and consultant on Web technologies and Web Services
  • A serial drunk driver named David Weaving
  • There is a dentist/orthodontist in my town named Dr. Toothman.
  • Dr. Anthony Puller, a dentist
  • Baseball player Cecil Fielder - but only if he was a fielder.
  • David J. Lawyer, who practices in Bellevue, Wash., says: "My routine answer on most days is I do not know why I became a lawyer."
  • Attorney for the Vermont Alliance Defense Fund - David Cortman
  • Professor Fiddler in the music department (but only if he plays the fiddle; otherwise it's "just apt")
  • 2008 Stihl Timbersports Competitor - Mike Forrester
  • Oregon State University paleomagnetist (geologist) - Joe Stoner
  • OB-GYNs in AZ, MO, VA, NC, & VA, Dr. Matthew, Richard, James, James, & Robert Holman
  • South Lake Tahoe hospital surgical buyer - Sherri Byer
  • Steve Adore, dockworker
  • Dr. Bonebreak, orthopedic surgeon
  • Scott Constable, police officer
  • Asa Feller, timberjack
  • Dr. Dick Finder, urologist
  • Morris Glaser, glass company founder
  • Polly Glott, translator
  • Harcourt Champion, tennis pro
  • Evan Jellick, TV preacher
  • Noah Lott, encyclopaedist
  • Jim Nast, parallel bars champion
  • Chas K. Nynes, dogcatcher
  • Phil Piper, plumber
  • Helen Painter, artist
  • Pat Rolman, constable
  • Hy Singer, castrato
  • Marion Tester, water sample analyst
  • Axel Turner, truck driver
  • Eileen Wright, Tory politician
  • Mr. Reader, librarian
  • Robert Raper, convicted rapist
  • George Wheeler, trucker
  • Joe B. Musselman, bodybuilder
  • Policeman, Senior Constable Jeff Senior, in New South Wales, Australia.
  • "Cynthia Webster runs a website-based business selling music synthesizers, kits and components at "Synth" is the common contraction of "synthesizer," as "Cynth" is of "Cynthia." Her site
    could reasonably be called "Cynth Webster's synth website."
and sometimes:  (but only when they ARE / DO what the name says!) 
  • CO Rockies outfielder - Dexter Fowler 
  • Oakland A's pitcher - Josh Outman
  • Charles Sueing Insurance Agency, Nashville 
  • Paul Bering, mortician
  • Dr. Howard Hertz, physician
  • Darren Hitwell, boxer
  • Rex Karz, parking lot attendant
  • Hiram Ketcham, security guard
  • Claude Knightly, lion tamer
  • Hugh Matches, interior decorator
  • Dr. Lee Popwell, chiropractor
  • Philmore Seatz, usher
  • Phillip D. Tank, gas station attendant
  • Fanny Tanner, nudist
  • Timothy Treadwell, wilderness hiker 
  • Rich Ricci is Co-Chief Executive of Barclays Capital and Co-Chief Executive of Corporate & Investment Banking (and doubly Rich!)
  • "I wouldn't believe my name is linked to my job, that I was destined to be a fireplace fitter from the day I was born," says Hugh Shovelin.
  • Dr. Deryl Learning is founder of the Academic Leadership Online Journal.
  • Dr. James Makepeace, professor of sociology in 1987 at the college of St. Benedict at St. John's University in Minnessota, was a specialist in family violence. (The Gazette, Montréal, September 29, 1987).
  •  The American Contract Bridge League has a page of new Life Masters that includes C. Edward Trump.
  • Bob Counts, accountant 
  • Marc Rich, billionaire financier

The defendant was arrested for obscene conduct after an officer observed him, through a four-inch hole in a stall partition, masturbating in a public restroom. This Court determined that Limberhand had a legitimate expectation of privacy in the restroom stall notwithstanding the existence of the hole.” That’s right, the man in the stall, caught masturbating, was named Limberhand.

In Peru, Indiana, there’s a funeral home director whose last name is Eikenberry.

Thanks to David Chapman, Aptonyms-wiki, and a half-dozen other websites on aptonyms / aptronyms, gloves, jobonyms,  PFLNs, namefreaks,  and nominative determinism.

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